Semesterkennzeichen: SoSe2018
Semesterkennzeichen: SoSe2018
Semesterkennzeichen: SoSe2018

General information:


-       Presentation day: 26.06.2018

-       In a group of three / four

-       20 minutes for a group (approximately 5-10 minutes per person)

-       50 percent of your final grade for the course


Presentation requirements:


-       Topics for presentations are free to choose, but with a clear relation to management. Additonally: At least one of the topics we discuss(ed) in the class must be mentioned in your presentation.


-       Please use PowerPoint as a template for your presentation:

o   the title slide should countain the names of the group members including immatriculation numbers

o   the second slide should contain the table of contents

o   the last slide: research references


You will have to present in English!

Please try to speek freely! The presentation skills will be evaluated as well!


Please do not forget to send me the following information regarding your presentation before June, 11th:

-       The topic that you have chosen for the presentation (in English)

-       Members (name, surname, matriculation number) of your team


Please send me your  presentations before June, 22d!


Semesterkennzeichen: SoSe2018